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V3x Big Problem (stays in s blank mode)

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  • V3x Big Problem (stays in s blank mode)

    Hi all, i have dead v3x,

    i tried to unlock, but failed.

    i flashed V3x amd bootcore, because i had addr failed problem

    I flashed one file (donŽt remember what) and worked, but the next day the customer take it back because of famous camera problem.

    I tried to flash, but something failed, then i had to restore bootcore again
    i tried to restore fullflash V3x_R25221LD_fullflash_repair_PDS_after_flashing

    repair pds is working, but phone stills dead

    Flash id 017E 2230

    Im lost about how to repair this problem, the phone was working before, but maybe i mistaked betwen 252211LD and 25221LD firmware.

    I don't really know very much about motorola, i is there any guide for understand how it works... i tried to flash other files by restoring fullflash but no results.

    What should i do?


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    Press repair, and if phone remains in blank mode after that, simply restore bootcore from supoport (AMD_Spansion).
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      I'll try, thanks for quickness


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        After this, is alive, but restarts.

        IŽll try flashing other flash files... anyway, can you please explain what is the reason way to work this kind of phones (V3x with AMD flash) ?

        Thanks in advance


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          It still restarting, can you tell me what flash do i have to write to make it live again?

          Imei readed is also corrupt...



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            sure your phone not have hardware problem?
            software can't repair fisical damaged phone.
            exist some steps for software repair.
            if this steps not work search for hardware malfuntion.


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              Thanks for your comment, but i donŽt know very much about motorola phones, thats why im waiting for steps for repair.


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                Hi, phone was working well before unlock, can anyone tell me how to repair this?

                And what is the reason of restarting?



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                  find full bin and try write in your phone.
                  you can try other version fullflash.
                  for v3x exist 2 firmware platform.
                  after write other platform make repair for corect some crc.
                  and check imei if not corupt.
                  in support exist flash for this phone for repair some problem(camera busy,mesage full) try with this flash too.
                  good lock


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                    Full bin? wich format? where in support?

                    Thanks iŽll try!!!!!!!!


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                      This is info readed


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                        here is bootcore
                        Rocker dongle/ Flashfiles / Motorola/ Bootloader upgrade
                        do as legija say's and see.
                        Rocker dongle/Flashfiles / Motorola/ Full backups
                        full backup for your version.

                        first try write bootcore and see.
                        if not work make this fullflash and repair.

                        first make fullbackup from your phone to avoid any problem.
                        when you make repair check box "connect over TP" and make without TP if you not use fisical TP.
                        if use fisical TP press repair.
                        always chose corect model and firmware version from software menu.

                        one QW.?
                        you know sure about this firmware is in phone before phone dies?
                        i'am have R252211LD full backup,if need.....

                        for solve problem with camera exist this
                        Rocker dongle/ Flashfiles / Motorola/ Monster files / V3x / umts_libkk52273_flash_2200s.shx (V3x test build software to resolve photo album).rar

                        good lock


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                          Hi, please, upload your R252211LD backup; iŽll try again.

                          What are diferences betwen write flash and restore backup?

                          What is better for me in this case?


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                            I have the same model of v3x if you want i can make you a *.bin file Uvedovle.


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                              R252211LD_U_85.99.50R_LP0039_DRM0001_JPRU_R25221GE NERIC_03_USRAZRV3XRURXXR2522100A_1FF\R252211LD_U_8 5.99.50R_LP0039_DRM0001_JPRU_R25221GENERIC_03_USRA ZRV3XRURXXR2522100A_1FF.shx

                              This flash saved my phone.

                              Thanks for your help!!!!!!