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MotoRocker update, when? and What?

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  • MotoRocker update, when? and What?

    Hi, I want to know if there is an incoming update for MotoRocker.

    Ask because I realize this reading at google about ROM 4 support:


    We are pleased to introduce new versions of Smart-Clip v3.20, S-Card v1.42 and SmartMoto v2.29.

    With this update we release the following options:

    1. World's first. Released unlock of LTE2 ROM4 models W510, L72 and L9, using Smart TestPoint* cable.
    2. No TestPoint Unlock for boot version 09.02, models V360 and L7 (Prepare Cycle).
    3. Smart TestPoint cable is a universal device and will be used for future updates, such as unlock of Argon based models. The solution for those models is currently under development.

    So, I hope Rocker team you have an update soon, and as always are we going to get surprised? :willy_nilly: (Means E2 imei maybe?? )


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    we need update, others team have solution without tp for z3 and k1, and now unlock for angons plataform, we need update please ..


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      we need update!!!!!!
      imei E2, w510, w375, c261 !!!!!!

      Please Legija !!!!!!!!!!!!


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        I'm just here playing the waiting game... I'm not going to give in and buy MSS yet.
        I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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          I just hope MR. Legija is prepairing a great update, I do not think Rocker is a dead project......I hope


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            Smartclip has just released their own argon unlocking and testpoint adapter.
            I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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              i saw that as well seems like a lot of work and i havent read of it being successfull yet so i wont try it yet


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                As for the question on the title of this thread, the answer is TODAY!

                And as for Argon solutions, Testpoint solution would be on next update, Non-TP solution is close to release as well.
                I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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                  Yes, I just read Legija mail, so as I said we hope to be surprised, as always :blush5:
                  Not say that Rocker is a dead project at all, simply that it was a long time without updates, and other products get one or more update in this time, so that's why we are waiting for updates, every day I think at this point hehe
                  Good work, regards! :thumbsup:


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                    With Legija's team, when there is no update for a while, you can expect they're shooting for the stars
                    I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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                      now,mr.Legija answer.
                      so,i'am close this thread