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Tablet with Bentley Android Entertainment system

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  • Tablet with Bentley Android Entertainment system

    Hi every matterhacker
    Anyone has had/have oportunity to "play" with that nice tablet (+2 to prestige hahaha ) has know when it is discharged need to be sync with car adapter at least once each system start !

    Anyone know how "simulate" adapter or at least has pinout for it ?

    My Riff V2 has "disabilities" with probing and cant the h*** guess how it should be shorted/connected !

    Unfortunatly I dont have access to "matrix adapter/connector and any support for that version of android ! Even if found any cant get in to recovery !
    Tablet has only 3 buttons (vol+ and vol- and "power/lock" button... and (as far as keep in "X" files jobs box and periodicly "take a look on it") cant find any other hidden reset button !

    So Guys... any advise ?
    source of even clear android for that device ? Or as mention on begging of post: pinout or bypass/adapter simulator way ?

    Once I had stripped body and connector is connected to motherboard by push-pins (like pogo pins or similar) and seems to be connection interface with other media (other tablet and Bentley car audio entertainment system)

    Wysłane z mojego SM-G900F przy użyciu Tapatalka