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​New year RIFF Box updates - 2021

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  • ​New year RIFF Box updates - 2021

    Hello dear users !

    • Trial period reset for all expired serials
      We have added 15 days trial period again to all expired RIFF Box v1 serials. Please note that You'll need to prepare box for ISP if you didn't used it before. Follow instructions from this FAQ article:
      RIFF JTAG Box FAQ - How to prepare RIFF Box v1/v2 for eMMC/SD protocol and ISP connection
    • RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.90

      - added Removable Storage direct Read/Write feature.
      This is mixed to USB Read/Write page. To access Removable Storage, select "Removable Storage Device" as Source
      To work as before, with connected Phone to USB, select "USB Bootable Device" as Source.
      - fixed bug: when reading DISK partitions, parsed with emmc plugin, clicking STOP in the middle didn't work. Now can terminate read operation.
      - fixed internal bug which could lead to damaging the model names in resurrectors list
      - fixed bug in reset strategy in some cases when setting Reset Strategy manually
      - fixed text scrolling problem in logging windows
    • RIFF Box eMMC/UFS Manager plugin v5.14

      - fixed LZ4 size leak which caused not-complete loading of LZ4 unpacked partitions
      - after injecting image with file system layout into any partition, the Contents Explorer is updated, and thus, files of injected data can be browsed
      - improved slightly the EFI parsing. Backup area size now not fixed, 0x21, but is deducted from EFI header
      - improved parsing Firmware when parsing firmware from binary GPT file: GPT_BACKUP is also attempted to be loaded from sgpt.bin file
      - improved Adjust GPT feature. Auto-expanding last partition will not be done in case the last partition is a relative one.
      - added detection of F2FS and EROFS File Systems. Full support of these file systems for Content Explorer is yet to come.
      - fixed some cases for expanding 0-sized entries when parsing XML via [Parse Official Firmware] button.
      When AutoExpand option is checked [Menu/Options/Auto expand expandable partitions], memory size is assumed from selected memory size,
      In case AutoExpand is not checked, default memory size 512GB is assumed for expanding 0-sized entry
    • RIFF Box JTAG Direct Access plugin v1.06

      - Reset Strategies are implemented in the same way as it is done in JTAG Manager
      - plugin is updated to be compatible with current JTAG Manager
      - Windows 10 High DPI support is added to plugin interface
    • To download and install updates, click "Check for Updates" button on Box Service tab.
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    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353

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    gooooooooooooooooood joooooooooooooooooooooooooob


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          My babe still rocks! Tank U and Happy New Year! =)
          CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ,


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            Hello Legija !!

            I'm not use my box long time ago. Did is my Support still alive ?
            ​​​​​​And wish you Happy New Year 2021 !!

            Powerflasher & Hwk & P-Key/ SE Tool III/Martech Clip & TP Adapter v3.0/ Infinity Box/ Polar Box 2/ Rocker Box/ X-Nemesis Clip/ JAF WM Dongle/ Usb Smart Dongel+Samsung&Motorola Aktivierung/.......aus der schönen Schweiz !! Helfe gern bei Bedarf !!

            P.S.: In den nächsten Tagen kommen neu dazu UST-Pro2, Cruiser Plus Pro (CP) Box, GTI Box und Alpha Black Box


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              Thx mister legija .. now i will try my old box riffbox1 isp ... will work ?