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  • RiffBox V1 and V2


    i have riffbox v1 black its possible work with last software and work with isp protocol or buy adapter what ist recommend

    other question RiffBox V2 its original Martview and full ?

    thanks for you help

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    I was interested in buying the riffbox v2, I have the V1 Black, I wrote a couple of days ago and nobody can answer me, this discourages me
    i have ufibox, easyjtag, medusa box II
    I wanted to give riff-box a try, but I think the project is dead

    ask about the riffbox v2 that martview sells to know if it is original, I did not receive an answer


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      We mostly use Viber vommunity for realtime support and forum don't have priority.
      As for martview box, to our knowledge there is no clones, and reason for low price is probably stock clearance.

      If you already have v1 box, you can download latest software and all the updates, and check up what is there, software is same and only difference is work speed.

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