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L6 Cant flash

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  • L6 Cant flash

    I got l6 from customer coz when i switch on its on keypad light and getting off.I decide to flash when press #+* its going to bootloader.but when i try to flash computer detect as a malfunction..Why is that? any way to recover?

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    already you got answer here
    W490 i canīt unlock - Unlock Forum - RIFF Box support forum

    try removing drivers and re install again.. if using extra USB card and USB card cheap quality may be this error will occur.. (for me happens before, after i changed my extra USB card and it solve problem) also check power consumption of phone...
    which version windows using? XP or VISTA?

    reasons may be..

    1) USB Driver problem
    2) USB Device in Motherboard.. not good quality mother board
    3) phone usb port short.. or phone taking more power from USB, if usb port dont have power surge protection will cause malfunction..
    4) any other USB monitoring devices?
    Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...


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      Thank you for usefull information..

      Im using win xp
      And yesterday i successfully flashed 3 v3 phone without getting any malfunction error.

      Now uninstall and installed lastet motorola drivers still getting same error.May be is that phone fault?

      Also i made new profile with admin rights but same problem in new profile also...Any other solution