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  • Newbe needs help! :)

    AS you can see I'm newbe in this tool.
    I have one moto V300, that can make calls. I check and It isn't barred imei.
    Most curious is that can make calls with 2 companis of 4 that are in my contry (the two with can't make calls use same net "vodafone") but with another two, can make calls perfectly.
    I try to flash several times, with diferents files from support, but still, same problem.
    Some one have any idea that what can be the problem? soft hard? what can I make for repair?
    If it's soft problem, can you say me how to repair with rocker?
    If it's hard problem, what can the problem be?
    BR and thnks!!

    PS: sorry my horrible english

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    try replase PA(power amplifier)
    this is comon problem for v300,v600 e.t.c.


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      hummm, ok, let's see
      CAn I use a PA form another phone? v220 or v3? or are specefic for that model, cause i try to search in my country but only found v220 and v3 pa :?
      Thnks for your big help and BR!


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        from v220,c650,c385,v525,e550 e.t.c. is good.
        exist from 2 diferent producer,but is compatible.
        this PA can be easy damaged with high temperature.
        beter buy new,2 time remove and put back this IC can be easy damaged.
        when you put IC,use hot air from down side.
        this metod prevent damage this IC with hot air.


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          Ok, no problem about change, i ask because I only found new PA to v220 and v3 models.
          Desoldering/soldering it's not problem, I have IRDA station and 3 years in GSM, but It's first time with this problem
          Thnks a lot I will try



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            ok,good lock