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K1 after unlock white screen

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  • K1 after unlock white screen

    Hello i've unlocke a K1 with magic TP. The procedure was normal. I reassembled the phone and it wont turn on - only white screen.

    Ive cleaned the flex contact - nothing
    i tried to flash or repair it - nothing.

    Any idea???

    thx mcgunn

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    If it is sw problem, try to make PDS repair.. thn check it. If still won't work, try full flash. If u used magic tp, it could be HW damage too (especially if you have pushed button on tp adaptor long enough to damage the board... Look carefully , using external TP ( like magic tp adaptor does) , makes short circuit on board, and heats it significantly


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      i tried all sw solutions - repair, full flashes, bootcore,.... (with rocker and smartclip) nothing i will send it to motorola and when it comes back. i've a working one - with no problems to unlock

      I think i was too long on tpbutton.

      thx mcgunn