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Weird V3 R374

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  • Weird V3 R374

    I have two V3 R374's. Both of them seem fine but won't turn on. All I get is a keypad flash each time I try to turn it on.

    I have tried to repair PDS countless times. I also kept on flashing every Monster File I have but the phone still shows BL 8.26 SW 40.3ER.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get these to work?
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    full backup

    flash a full backup, i fixed a v3 in this conditions with a full backup from support
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      Full backup from support didn't help. I backed up another phone and flashed the bad phone and still the phone won't turn on. Reading the IMEI using IMEI rocker gives me errors as well.
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        do try flash 10r version and downgrade boot to 7e0 / 823 and try do imei rocker and change imei.. post results

        eg: R452F1_G_08.05.0BR backup wanted - Unlock Forum - RIFF Box support forum

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          Still didn't work. I think the OTP section is damaged that's why the IMEI is all jibberish.
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            can be hardware,yes.
            i'am have also some V3 pcb.
            all lock fine,but same problem.
            tryed with diferent tools,same result,keyboard blink.
            one of this i'am solved move CPU from other damaged PCB and apply imei patch.
            if you not sure,exist free software like pdstool,little more work,need replase some pds seem's manual,but can be 50-80% hardware problem.