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SR Lejiga Imei Actualizen!

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  • SR Lejiga Imei Actualizen!

    Legija hello and all moderators, the box is good but I like a lot would request that you please actualizen module IMEI that I can do IMEI several phones, in this case a V3e R4441D or any other version. Try everything and leaves the firmware is not supported, please think I have one box and have to go to pay other people to make me the repair of IMEI.

    Tynchoo also be said, actualizen not cost anything. Sometimes I do IMEI free with what is on the internet to not be losing so long.

    Leave readings of the Flashes to the correct and we remain without news that more must be done to realize.

    Now I have to go to repair the IMEI of a v3i knowing that my box and it can not repair. Let people actualizen

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    car 400radio code - Unlock Forum - RIFF Box support forum

    try post there your version which model not supported
    Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...


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      If you upload and the reading of the Flash when keeping going to correct, I need to make the v3i before the 8 o'clock at night. To you think you have to go through these things, we put the v186 that I can not do long fijate the date of publication and may not even do so roker box.

      Nobody helps them to rise readings, which are hoping that the millonada people to do that you realise that to be updated. This is for the good of the rocker you can not work well.

      Because now you upload reading and you will see that there be months without being corrected.


      I spend with the Flashes of v3i R479_G_08.B5.76R look which is a Flash Sticky and I can not make another more than another sticky like R4441D 03.0R, both can not be repaired the IMEI ...

      To want to make the box does not directly IMEI to v3i.


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        We need update IMEIROCKER!!!!!, for:

        1-K1 without TP pleaseeee
        2- L6i pleaseeeeee
        3- v3i r479_76r pleaseeeee


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          yes, please update module imei for rockerdongle

          no support more firmware from Argentina

          no change imei for without tp k1

          please update!!!!!!!


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            Add IMEI in motorocker soft
            not souport imei and unlock K1 and z3 boot A.B4