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usb hub exseed limit

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  • usb hub exseed limit

    when I try motorola conect in dongle usb hub,computer shows an error ,such hub limits. I mean power on phone.if I try conect powered phone into computers usb it is it normall,or my computer foults? I used powered phone to reset user code.

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    no,not PC problem.
    this problem exist when motherboard is not so good,or usb hub have big power consumation.
    if you still want use usb hub,use usb hub with external supply.
    if you have ns-pro,you know problem with ns box and e250 phones,same problem.


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      thanks for reply bro,but I dont understend clearly.not to conect rocker usb hub and use computer usb? what you mean external suply? if you can explain me please?


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        1> Buy an external USB hub with external power suply. Every usb port uses 500 ma from the pc's power source, and if the power source isn't powerfull enough, you will meet this problem often.
        2> Change your Power Source with a more expensive/or quality one. I have 2 PC's in my service center, one with Thermaltake 650 watts power source, and one with a noname 600 watts Power source. With the Termaltake I never meet the "usb hub exseed limit" problem, but with the noname, I have to be care of.....