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Has somebody tried to unlock ARGON and ROM4 phones???

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  • Has somebody tried to unlock ARGON and ROM4 phones???

    Is there anybody here who has successfully tested Argon and Rom4 models?

    I've bought my own Rockerdongle with expensive code activation and want to know exactly does this box really unlock such phone models?
    I have here in my hands three V3xx, one V6maxx and five L72. This phones are waiting for unlock, my customers are angry and I am afraid to kill that phones as they are very expensive.

    Where can I find TestPoint schematics??? and detailed step-by-step procedure of unlocking?

    If this update really works, then why I can't find at this forum no logs of Argon and Rom4 unlocking?

    Where can I buy the cable?


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    big problem why you can't find some about this is problem is cables.
    still not exist in market.
    schematics you can find here,in this forum.
    tutorials about unlocking exist in software.
    detailed explaned step by step.
    sadly,but i'am not have any phone with this TP in my service after rocker relase this solution.
    still wait for one phone,if come to me,i'am test software.
    if you have some hardware knowlege you can build your own cable.
    and risc exist,with other tools also exist dead phones.
    don't exist 100%safety solution for this phones.


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      Dear Mr. Legija!
      I'm starting unlocking of Argon/Rom4 based phones and want to have some knowledge base in order to avoid problems with dead phones.
      I've read many forums regarding unlocking of this phones and some questions had appeared...

      Please answer my questions!

      1) What boot versions are supported for this phones?

      2) Can V3xx Cingular and V3xx at&t be unlocked? Or Rocker dongle unlocks regular V3xx only?

      3) Could you point me where exactly can I find test point images for Argon and ROM4 based phones? I've searched this information on the forum/ at support area and couldn't find

      4) Can the phone be restored by the program when it's boot version will not be supported?

      5) Is there any full flash files at Rocker's support area which can restore the phone if it would be in "S flash Argon" condition?

      I would appreciate your answers!