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how to revive my phone???

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  • how to revive my phone???

    Sorry that i start a new thread although a similar is already started on the board.

    I try to unlock one v980 intel and phone went dead.My mistake(i never notice that i have one INTEL phone in hand) is i didnot backup anything.I just check the version ( R26_U_83.x.xx.) and noticed that i have formerly backedup the same kind of mobile.
    I have a MONSTER PACK(.rsf),a BINARY FLASH(.binay rdf),BOOTCORE and PANIC but from a v980 Micron R26.

    So i do not know if the phone was R26.83.23.38 or R26.83.38.38.

    As the phone is nomore going on,i decided to flash it back.The phone get normal connected,system detects it everytime i connect.

    -I use Motorocker 2.15 to flash it,always i get unable to connect after sending boot.

    -I use Motorocker 2.10 i can flash it easily(BUT PHONE IS NO GETTING ON)

    What am i doing wrong????????

    I try other tools like:

    -RSD:always processed creating image to 100% and then failed to perform.

    -P2k v39:Failed to send loader and stoped
    -P2k v37: Flashed phone fully but phone is still not getting on.

    Any idea what to do is?

    Thank u for suggestions

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    R26. is for intel flash chip
    R26. is for micron flash chip.
    usualy phone with intel flash have 64mb,micron have 32mb
    can you post flash ID here?

    now phone power in flash mode?
    or only blank mode?


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      @ orbita

      the phone right now connect in S flash mode.
      how shall i know the flash ID?
      Anyhow when i go in flash mode,i have this infos:


      SW version: R26_U_83_38_38_04_01P

      is that the infos u need?

      When i flash phone with the Micron backup i have,all runs well,display get on,and it shows SOFTWARE UPGRADE IN PROGRESS.
      At th end when it shows restart phone,the phone never goes on.


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        i have downloaded few minutes ago the v975 file from support and flash phone with it.
        The phone goes on and shows just the voafone logo and goes again off.
        What is to do?

        Flash ID: 002C 44C9


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          you have micron flash chip from your flash id
          firmware must be R26.83.23.38.
          try make repair with rocker.
          but don't know sure if this help you.
          rocker have bug with repair pds in this phone.
          if you try make some with p2k-easy tool pds sure become damaged.


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            @ orbita

            i have flashed the phone with the version u mention.
            Phone turns on but turns automatically off after the vodafone welcome logo.

            Any suggestion?



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              I succeed trough the using of the REPAIR button in motorocker v2.10(v2.15 is for me somehow not so efficient like the former ones,sorry) to revive the phone now.

              -The only one problem is that the little display outside is not getting on.There is nothing there to see .Any suggestion abt this?

              -when i manually try to set the phone to flash mode,it just turn on.Is that normal?

              -Sometime,the display just show "no service" (kein Dienst in german).Any suggestion?

              Thank u all for assistance.


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                here is bootcore.
                first need be flashed as restore bootcore,second as write package.


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                  Thank u very much orbita.
                  All is really ok now.

                  I just need the 1st operation.With the writting as package always error ADDR failed.

                  But phone is fully alive.

                  Thaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssss ssssssssssss!!!!!!!