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v3i problem

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  • v3i problem

    I unlock in without tp but phone is blank mode,
    i try repair pds with tp - and ok
    but I try flash phone stop at erasin in moto 2.14, 2.13 etc

    Zdjęcie - 19.09.2007 |

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    Try to do all with TP, TP repair, TP flash...sometimes you have to do Repair a cuple of times, not only repairs PDS, also bootloader and other errors.
    Also check that you're selecting correct SW version, in picture says R479 phone must have R479 software to be sucesfully repaired .


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      J use tp, but program stop at erasing help me


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        Originally posted by tonk83 View Post
        J use tp, but program stop at erasing help me
        Don't use TP when try flash 1FF firmware to phone. Use TP only when Repair PDS. After it press on phone button "*" + "#" + shotly "Power" --> flashmode and when try reflash phone. May be you phone have boot 0A.52? Find flash this that boot, becouse phone may be don't work this lower boot.


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          in some cases motorola phones can lost boot when you unlock without TP.
          here may be many reason.
          usualy user forget some(not check before bootloader,batery is empty,incorect
          program setting e.t.c.)
          in most cases if boot is lost and phone become blank,help rewrite only bootloader,or make unlock again.
          not need make repair PDS for this.
          and very usefull before unlock, make backup(boot+pds)

          now after repair try check if phone enter in flash mode.
          if not enter try write boot.
          and after see,if phone not power write full(monster pack) in phone.
          must be same or hight version.
          motorola don't like downgrade.


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            ok, but I don`t backup bootloader

            RoxsAndy - phone is BLANK MOD!!!!


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              do try once again selected TP repair, then phone will remain blank. do unlock (selected tp) check after phone back to boot mode with code corrupt error then try to flash a monster pack..

              even after do unlock phone again remain in blank mode try writing boot core and try step one and two once again 1) pds repair 2) unlock (if phone in blank mode)

              post results
              Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...


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                If phone in blank mode - use TP and Repair PDS. If phone state in blank after repair PDS - try flash different bootloader (0A.30, 0A40, 0A.52) in phone with TP. If it don't help you - it's hardware problem.
                Also look that say member orbita and GsmTracer

                PS. And answer the question: That version of firmware and bootloader was in the phone before you unlock it?