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J132 error ?!

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  • J132 error ?!

    cabel is prolific made exactly same as on the sheme,but the phone not conecting
    boot succesfully loaded
    Error 02-0x98
    what is wrong ???

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    try 230xxx speed in software. some users reports about 921xxx not work properly on some prolific chip.


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      the problem is solwed out
      it was a color of the TX RX vire,I split them ,and now is ok
      thanks for help!!


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        also take in mind what different team who gave pinouts of some phones can use opposite pin name.
        some teams under TX signal mean Transmit signal TO PHONE from PC but some same signal mark like Transmit signal FROM PHONE to PC.
        so please be carefully then make new cables.


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          HELLO TO ROCKER TEAM I HAVE J132 WHEN CONNECT IT SHOW boot loader error
          please help solution do not tell me it cable because i have already more than two of this phone but this ORANGE FRANCE is giving me headhache


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            some users was report about new phones which impossible to connect with any of exist software.
            we think what this phones has new bootcore with fixed bypass bug.
            if possible - contact with Legija privately for sell us this phone or for help to connect it.