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  • Kyocera c673

    I have a Kyocera c6730 that Cellebrite does not play well with. Every time the phone is powered on into the OS, Google services crash, which makes the examination difficult. ADB backup over USB no longer works. The backup I do have does not contain the database I need for this investigation. I would like to use the RIFF box to read the memory so I can create an image.

    I see that this device has no resurrection settings, and the Qualcomm MSM8926 SOC is not directly listed as supported. I would like to test probe the JTAG ports on the phone, but how do I know which voltage the SOC runs at? There are two options 2.6v and 1.8v. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    As a side question, can anyone point me to how one goes about creating resurrection settings for this phone?

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    Just checking to see if anyone has checked this thread...