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Need Code for Blaupunkt/Seat Radio Navigation

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  • Need Code for Blaupunkt/Seat Radio Navigation

    Please !! Do you have a working code for my Blaupunkt Radio Navigation?

    1MO 035 191 B

    SEZ 1Z7C3147876

    Thanks in advance
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    Sorry...Seat codes are only available from the Seat Dealer database or a Radio Decoding Service


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      Thanks anyway for your effort


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        Sorry but i've got another question. I was at the Seat Dealer but they said they can't read out the Data/Code because the Seat Radio is built in a Peugeot Car. Is this true? That would mean i can't use an Online Radio decoding Service i have to pay for either, or can i? Are these Websites Scam then? Is it really true that a Seat Radio has to be in a Seat Car? I Just need the Radio and the Navigation System and not the Boardcomputer. It doesn't matter if the Boardcomputer works.

        I really appriciate your help because i'm a total moron with such things. Thank you very much.