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  • hazelme
    Forgetting the password from your own iPhone is a non—trivial problem, but, as practice shows, it is quite common. Every day hundreds and thousands of users send requests to Google in the format "how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password". Moreover, it is unlikely that these are thieves or lucky people who managed to accidentally find someone else's smartphone. For the most part, these are real owners who sincerely forget the lock password, and then look for ways to regain control of the device. In order to solve this problem easily, you should turn to professionals. Personally, I trust a specialized service..
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  • AlanHa
    Buddy, I don't fully know your problem, but I understand you completely. I, too, am constantly stressed by the lack of space in iCloud. Five Gb is small, and I don't want to buy more. It's annoying this policy of Apple. On Android, everything is much easier, and the phone on this system is much cheaper. The only advantage of the iPhone is its camera. Here the guys from Cupertino tried their best. When my cloud space ran out, I started searching on the Internet to answer how to manage icloud storage and do it correctly because I feel bad about giving up money for a piece of digital space. If you wrote here, then you feel the same way. I hope you can solve your problem, and I wish you good luck.
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