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Samsung Rocker not open any window...why? I need help!!!

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  • Samsung Rocker not open any window...why? I need help!!!

    Hi I think I am having troubles with Samsung Rocker, I never used before....I donwloaded from rockerdongle support but I can't enter in the software..why?

    Of course I have a Rocker Dongle Device activated already.

    But when the installation wizard finished I tried to start the Samsung Rocker but nothing happens, software not open any window, why? nothing on screen....

    Occurs the same with ODM Rocker v1.08 (only I have)

    I downloaded Samsung Rocker v1.09 and I have rocker dongle device connected on USB port.... me...anyone know what is my problem?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    check your antivirus , system date , use new version old ver wont open if out dated , also check your smart card drivers and check for conflict with other cards
    Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...