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  • RockerBox from iPmart

    Hello, Well i would like to know if ipmart or legija will be offering us the box to purchase? it would be really usefull and would allow us to use the box with cables that are fully compatible with the rockerdongle software. Mainly the ODM software. Is there a way i can buy the Box itself and the cables? or any future releases of your own box Rockerdongle team?

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    hi, i`m looking for this box too .....i already seen it in a store but don`t know where....
    the original is here !
    my one is here !

    ęby phone-company


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      I'm looking for the same thing. I have asked unlockcellular but he doesn't have a spare.
      I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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        BUMP. I emailed unlockcellular and they told me the same thing, they dont have any spare. Anyways i bought a USB ODM cable and hopefully it will be easier to use then the Serial one i had attached to a old POS desktop compared to my mac