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Motorocker V2.11 Error with Read beyond end of file

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  • Motorocker V2.11 Error with Read beyond end of file

    Try to back up Full flash and LP All go well like instruction. But When to restore Full Flash and LP get this error both at 99% flash " Read beyond end of file." and phone dead. Try with V3 R374 and V600 TRIPLETS.
    Now I can revive it with other tools.
    My question is How to solve this problem?

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    just try old version.
    rocker 2.07,2.08 work with v3,tested.


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      Thank you for reply.First of all want to tell I am new user of this tool.
      already try Rocker V2.08 with V600 back up like instruction everything ok. But when restore language complete phone power on with motorola logo and after that white screen. try to restore full flash error at 99%"Read beyond end of file".
      try to check info with force boot mode
      get most of data with N/A and phone dead.
      So have to Repair PDS and Full Flash with other tools. Now phone OK.
      Anyone please tell me why?


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        Anybody Try this function for V3,V600 or others

        - Read lang from phone and write to other.

        I realy need this function.
        Because flash files from support work fine for lp0021 but do not have Thai input. I need to read lang from Thai phone and write to other.
        If anybody success for this function,please tell me.How to do?


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          To Product Supportor
          Please reply something.
          May be my mistake or software not support. I have to wait for next update.