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VERY BAD Experince to convert R479 to R47a

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  • VERY BAD Experince to convert R479 to R47a


    I Have new seal pack V3i R479. i sold this phone to customer. but next day customer return and say need itunes version.
    customer need this version V3i R47a.
    so unfortunatly i don't have V3i R47a in Stock.
    so i thought if i can flash R47a firware.
    i read this in other forum .via smart clip you can change this.
    no body like a ultimaboxand rockerdongel. so here is procedure which i was done
    1 first i repair pds select phone V3i R47a
    2 Then i write this R47a Version R47A_G_08.D8.88R_PDS005_LP0034_DRM0101_VSTUK_ENGLI SH206_JPJAVA_G_08_V3iiT_07_00_08R_GSPSLQAT677DY0B4 _1FF.rnsf

    3 after that my phone only show keypd led and then go off
    4 i write imei via moto rocker imei tool as a select R47a
    5 but phone is same condition.
    6 i write again latest version
    but same...............??????

    so i think via moto rocker is not possible.
    i want back my phone life so i again select R479 and write this firmware
    1. "Retail_R479_G_08[1].B4.85R_PDS005_LP0039_DRM0101_VSTGER206_JPJAVA_G_0 8_V3i_06_03R_SE7721AXXF10CF_1FF"

    2. repair pds (R479)

    phone is in "only bootloader show "
    Bootloader is "0A.30"

    now my phone is only bootloader show

    I request you ultima team and all ultimabox user plz help me to solve this problem.


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    where are u legija i need ur help.
    bcoz i do same post on mss4forum

    let se which tool can solved my problem

    ultima VS mss4


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      Write the 1FF again.
      I do Testpoints for Breakfast


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        R479 to R47A

        Originally posted by vermsky View Post
        Write the 1FF again.

        i did but same


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          Download this file and flash HTTP Server Test Page powered by

          It's cingular branded though. Try it and see what happens.
          I do Testpoints for Breakfast