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Troubles with setup - HELP

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  • Troubles with setup - HELP

    Hi, I changed my computer and I canīt put card to work. I donīt know the reason, please can some one help me? I need to use Rocker asap!!! I attached images to help.....

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    first install card drivers.
    and after try use other usb port
    you can have conflict.
    you have JAF in your computer?
    you have SP2 instaled?

    here is from other forum,but can be same problem

    It is indeed a driver conflict on your O.S.

    I give you here instructions received some time ago from a friend, how to activate your DEVICE MANAGER to show you ALL installed drivers, even for the devices not connected to your pc at that moment.
    You will find them here:
    If you actually right-click the device in Device Manager and select Uninstall, the device and its associated drivers will be removed.
    But, if you just remove the device, it will disappear from the Device Manager, but may leave the drivers behind.
    Those drivers, aside from taking up space, could later be found to contain vulnerabilities and expose your system to compromise
    even though you aren't aware the drivers exist.

    With the device physically removed from the computer, the only way to view, and thereby have access to uninstalling,
    the drivers is to alter Device Manager to Show hidden devices. Follow the steps below to display the hidden device information:

    1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click on the Advanced tab
    3. Click on Environment Variables
    4. Below the bottom Environment Variables window pane (System Variables), click on New
    5. For Variable Name, enter devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
    6. For Variable Value, enter 1
    7. Click OK to close Environment Variables and OK again to close System Properties

    Now that you have created this entry, when you open Device Manager, you can click on View and then select Show hidden devices
    from the menu.
    You can identify the hidden devices by their grayed-out icons.

    First do that, then UNINSTALL ALL DRIVERS IN the sections:
    - E-Gate
    - E-Gate enumerator
    - Smart card readers

    Then connect your Dongle and install his dongle drivers.
    Afterwards, where necessary you have to install the drivers for other dongles (non schlumberger-card-dongles generally)


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      Thx for reply
      I donīt have JAF in this computer and Iīm running WIN XP Pro SP2... and tryed another usb port..........

      This tip about device manager doesnīt help me... it shows non plugīnīplay devices and thereīs no E-Gate related issue in there......