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2 Recomendations for make this the UNIQUE TOOL

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  • 2 Recomendations for make this the UNIQUE TOOL

    Well... Checked, and I see that 1 of that exists.... Real time detection of phone like in RSD. About IMEI, now exists.... Just one thing I need: I need to can copy the text of mobile phone info, for archive it on my regsitry. Maybe you can put a window of log Legija.... Rocker rocks!!!
    PS: Waiting for more scripts and updates for The ultima Box

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    Operation logging is a good ideea endeed. And IMEI should be shown in INFO as numeric not hexadecimal..... to be easily searchable in log, if the phone endeed was unlocked/repaired by me


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      copy/paste and autodetect info is very good idea.
      like RSD or flashbackup
      and erase flash was be usefull too.
      flex read/write and read/write full(including bootcore,pds,firmware,flex)
      automatic security area backup before unlock,flash e.t.c.

      and... only sugestion.
      make credits for rocker users for unsuported phone version by imei.
      for example 10 credits,50 credits e.t.c. for good price.
      F3 cost in my country is about 20euro,15-20 euro for final customer.....


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        @ orbita..about credits .....good idea i think
        the original is here !
        my one is here !

        ęby phone-company


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          RE-LOCK function is very needed....


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            Originally posted by fgl30 View Post
            RE-LOCK function is very needed....
            if customer don't pay for unlock?


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              lol!!! !!