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  • About updates and news for Ultima

    Hi. I wanna know if Ultima will not dead. I see that is very powerous tool for motorola, and now the support is more for rocker dongle. I hope that Legija dont stop the support for this unique tool. At least for cutomers like me and very more that supported you buying rocker upgrade.
    I like the power of Ultima and can be very good if its possible to upgrade full flash with ultima!!! Also, now that imei repair is real, maybe imei repair via ultima box!!! I love this box cuz I can use it in my car, connecting it to the usb port of the radio car.!!! Please take in mind this post Legija, and very very thanks for make this the best box. Now that exists IMEI change, there are not way to discusss between ultima and sc.

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    don`t be afraid about stopping support and updates.....I bet in near future will come some more spectacular updates.......cause rocker rocks
    the original is here !
    my one is here !

    ęby phone-company