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    In few minutes installer will be ready at support area. I want to shed some light on some of the new features, and important things:

    - Calypso + models (C257,C261,V175,V176,V177,W375)

    As many of You know already, these models have two diferent eeprom layouts. Some older ones can be unlocked, and phones with new eeprom CAN NOT. What is important with these phones ?

    1. DO NOT flash Flex to LOCKED phone. You will have "Phone hacked" or some other bs message. In case this hapens anyway, You must flash phone with flex originally phone had. I will try to upload as more diferent packs for diferent operators, but best is to make backup from each phone.
    2. DO NOT flash files from diferent version to phone. Allways try to flash version same as in phone already, or higher. In case You want to change language, allways flash same version as in phone, or flash both firmware + language from same version.

    - Calypso lite models (all the rest)

    There is nothing much to say, but we still need some help from users.
    If anyone notices unsupported version, or phone which can not be unlocked, please read full backup, or at least eeprom, and attach it here. It will help us in future development.

    - Locosto models (F3)

    For now only R&D Dongles can use this part of software. I hope in very short time we will release it for public use, but for now PLEASE dont ask why it doesnt work on Your dongles. Its not R&D and it will not work.

    .................................................. .......................................

    Problems with starting ODM Rocker on some configurations should be fixed in most cases. If You still have some probs running it, make sure You made following:

    1. Card have enough credits on counter, or is activated to full. Slot #3 belongs to ODM Rocker.
    2. You dont have some spy or memory resident software,
    3. You have installed supplied drivers properly.

    I hope You will enjoy using it.
    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353

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    o00oooo New Update!


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      09.02.2007: ODM Rocker v1.01 released
      It's March already Legija I think you've been working too hard. Have a break sometimes

      What cables do we use for these models? Can you supply us with factory made prolific cables for these? Some of us don't have that soldering ability
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        Yeah, its march.

        As for cable - You can use any prlific based cable, or You can simply add T19x connector to Your Rocker Cable.
        ICQ: 299-912-089
        QQ: 1634811353


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          I tried to add a 2.5mm headset jack to my rocker cable but it didn't work hehehe.

          I have this USB fighter Cable. Can you show me where I should solder the cable? Left side is USB side, right side is connector for t28.
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            how it work?????


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              This is not sales section moderators what is this


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                in market exist prolific based cable with rj-45 conector.
                this cable named sst cable with TP.
                can be used with ultima and easy add conector for other phone.
                but prolific have some dezavantage,after some time unused conected cable go in sleep mode.
                need reconect cable.
                need some info,for motorola turbo-fox link need special dump for eeprom,or can be used standart seting for Prolific?

                cruiser/fighter cable use ft232bm ic.
                here is schematics for this cable


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                  please I am not able to activate the odm slot. I always get this message "can not activate card with this box"
                  whereas I still have 15 times left for odm part activation. Please help me. thanks


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                    please Legija. Help me. I just bought my rocker dongle and I don't understand why I can not activate the odm slot to be able to use odm module. Please help me.


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                      Motorola F3 listed but still not working. Can I unlock it ?


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                        Originally posted by legija View Post

                        - Locosto models (F3)

                        For now only R&D Dongles can use this part of software. I hope in very short time we will release it for public use, but for now PLEASE dont ask why it doesnt work on Your dongles. Its not R&D and it will not work.
                        just read carefull


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                          W375 Cannot Be Unlocked

                          W375 From Virgin Mobile Cannot Be Unlocked
                          fw MOTOROLA_H80S_0.0.62
                          lp 0062_001

                          Heres The Full Backup

                          Power ON phone shortly
                          Phone found
                          Sending signature
                          Sending boot
                          Boot sent
                          Boot Succesfully Loaded
                          Calypso+ secured
                          Model type : MOTOROLA_H80S
                          FW version : 0.0.62
                          CODE version : CODE.90.01
                          Flex version : FLEX_B3_005

                          LP version : 0062_001
                          Provider : 23430
                          Lock status : Locked
                          Unlocking started
                          This phone not unlockable in present time !!!
                          Unlocking complete


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                            I Also Made A Full Backup....

                            If You Need It Tell Me Where To Upload Too.



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                              Anyone successfully integrate your motorockercable and the ODM cable? im about to buy the cable what cable should i buy from


                              Do i get that one and change the serial into a USB?