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can rocker work as serial dongle?

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  • can rocker work as serial dongle?

    friends, I want to connect to other serial devices (pc or router), problem is my PC doesn't have COM port, I know my rocker have FTDI chip, but when I connect RJ45-to-DB9 cable it doesn't work, I tried straight and cross (null modem) but no luck. Ideas?

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    And how about using USB ports on PC ?
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      Originally posted by legija
      And how about using USB ports on PC ?
      Friend, yes I use the USB port:

      Question is if the rocker dongle with it's FTDI based serial COM port can be used as a normal USB-to-serial cable to connect to other devices other than phones?


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        Hi Friends:

        To answer myself, the rocker dongle's USB-to-Serial interface can be used to connect to another devices too with serial interfaces (like routers, servers, etc.).

        The catch is that the rocker's FTDI chip signal is 3.3V (called TTL) instead of normal 12V, if the other device is 3.3V too there is no need to conversion. CAUTION: never connect a 3.3V device to a normal 12V serial port (COM) as you can fry both computers.

        And cable for Rocker Dongle with RJ45 to DB9 that works:

        Pin2 Pin2
        Pin3 Pin3
        Pin7and8 Pin5

        Tested on Linux too: for the device to be recognized you need to load the driver like this:

        # modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x0823 product=0x1302

        Then the device can be accessed as /dev/ttyUSB0