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Need Help with W377

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  • Need Help with W377

    Can someone tell what this means and how i can get the W377 to work again? Phone had a white display when you power on but after hearing the startup sound it shuts down.

    Check if phone already booted
    Power ON phone shortly
    Phone found
    Sending signature
    Sending boot
    Boot sent
    Boot Succesfully Loaded
    Calypso+ HS
    Flash: Intel GE28F256L30T 32 MB (Strata)
    Flash size : 33554432
    Model type : MOTOROLA_H58S
    FW version : 0.0.21
    Flex version : FLEX_B0_001
    LP version : 0021_001
    Start reading ...
    Reading done in :00:21 min.
    Send file to support for convert!!
    Opened file : E:\Mobile Software\Rocker Dongle\Flash\FW\W377_MOTOROLA_H58S_0_0_21_FW.ubf
    Ready ...
    Flash write start
    Erasing started
    Phone not answer
    Erase error ... 0xFF At : 04640000
    Erasing finished
    Writing started
    Writing error 0xFE at :0x04000000
    Writing finished
    Flashing completed in :01:04 min.

    best regards

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    2 posible problem.
    1.bad cable,conection,low batery e.t.c.
    2.bad hardware.flash chip can't be accesed.
    need reball flash or cpu.