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Strange problem with dead V1050 !

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  • Strange problem with dead V1050 !

    Strange problem with V1050 !

    The device I have to repair was flashed with wrong flash file (unknown type!). Phone only can connect to PC as
    S Blank Rainbow POG, with & without TP. Trying to repair replace Bootcore or flash all failed.Who faced such a problem
    and can help?

    Thanks in advance...

    with MSTool_8r unlocking OK

    Handset model: V1050
    Connected to handset ok
    Detected platform: S Blank Rainbow POG
    Bootcore version: 0310
    Sending RAMDLD to handset...ok
    Hardware regional range: LOCKED TO 2
    External flash chip ID: 00898810
    Direct unlock method selected.
    Started unlocking sequence...
    Repairing 0x1DE error...
    Reading current simlock flags...
    Setting simlock flags to be unlocked...
    Unlocking sequence completed ok

    flashing with MSTool : FAILED

    invalid addressing mode

    Flashing with MOTOROCKER v2.22:

    unknown response MOTO ROCKER 2..22 flashing procedure interrupted (not connected, but shown in device manager as Motorola Flash Interface ! ).

    Unlocking OK.


    connected to (S Blank Rainbow POG):

    Repair sequence:

    1.Stage 100% OK Please wait ..........Repairing.....
    2.Stage 100% OK Please wait ..........Repairing.....

    Then Error Message : unable to connect to phone !!

    I used both normal & forced-boot modified USB cable (with & without TP)

    flashing + unlocking with USB-Smart P2K Tool 5.3:


    Connecting to phone ...
    Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
    Connected OK
    Bootloader version: 0310
    Sending loader to phone ...
    ERROR: FLASHCMD write error
    ERROR: Sending JUMP command.
    ERROR: Send loader failed (1)

    Flashing with SmartMoto 1.19:

    Phone security power up error.
    ERROR: Phone failed initial security verification checks. HAB error 0x27.
    Flash FAILED.
    Flashing with RSD lite 4.0.1:

    failed flashing process. Incompatible superfile for Subscriber Unit state. (0x430703A); phone connected

    flash file used is this: R26LD_U_83.38.39I_LP0039_DRM0003_JPNZ_R26VFV1050_0 4_USV1050T674RVR2600F_1FF.shx

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    Corect me if wrong,but you use free cracked tool colection.
    With rocker,download from support 2.22c version,and post here screenshot.
    After my be some help you.


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      Thank You for replying!
      You are not wrong Sir! But I use Original ROCKER Dongle & Original USB_Smart the only free(crckd) Tool I used for control purpose are MSTool_8r and SmartMoto 1.19, to check if this ERROR is SW- or HW- related .
      I read this thraed on dealing with same subject using SmartMoto :

      403 Forbidden

      I will post error images later on forum.


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        Error messages of V1050

        @ Orbita

        Here are the images.Please sned me the right bootcore or PDS to repair- if possible!



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          1. Press "Backup"
          2. Select "Restore bootcore"
          3. Press "Execute and select *.rdf file

          Report result.
          ICQ: 299-912-089
          QQ: 1634811353


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            Thank You Sir for replying.Ive done what You have recommended, but got the following error message: see image.


            This bootcore file I have downloaded from Support section but it seems, it is compatible only with UltimaBox, Iam using ROCKER Dongle !



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              Try to read again what i wrote above.
              ICQ: 299-912-089
              QQ: 1634811353


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                Bootcore files tried to write:


                I got the message file incompatible !

                Can You send me please a bootcore or PDS file for V1050-R26LD_U which works with ROCKER?

                I have last week repaired a E770v with same problem with one (Repair)click by ROCKER Dongle! It seems to due to HW malfunktion in case of this V1050, because no boot screen(Black screen)!


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                  SIr ! Im using MOTO ROCKER SW version 2.22c under Backup tab, there is "write Bootcore" but no "Restore Bootcore" function !

                  Which SW version do You mean?



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                    I have just used old versions of MotoRocker and also got another error while using "repair" or write bootcore:
                    Access violation at address 0040316B in module "MotoRocker_217a.exe".Read of address 03BD2B98.
                    please see also attachment!

                    Im waiting for Your suggestions



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                      @ Mr. legija

                      done exactly what you recommended but got also an error, while trying to restore this bootcore:
                      incompatible source file!