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About Moto Rocker v2.21..changing bands!

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  • About Moto Rocker v2.21..changing bands!

    I saw in video manual from LIGIJA that in the TAB Misc from MR v2.21 I can set bands to cell phones...I mean...change from 850 mhz to 900 mhz for example...this is true or not? or maybe impossible...but why is that there?

    please help me...

    thanks in advance....
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    If phone work in 4 band and only software select 2 band you can change but if phone HW not accept other band you can't change. bye


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      but if phone has 4 bands I don't need to change point is change a phone with 850 mhz to 900 mhz.....

      what means HW?

      where can I see a full explanation of this new feature on Motor Rocker v2.21?
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        HW mean hardware. And lots of phone have locked band to 2 band and motorocker can change this phone to other band but if phone can't work in 900/1800 and got only 850/1900 you can change bandbut this don't give you nothing becouse HW phone can work on other band. bye