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Critical error K1

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  • Critical error K1

    I have a problem, with k1, the flashe with rocker doungle, But was an error critical, the version is r4527 g 08.12.14r, and the error is : PH SIG ERR: 55:02:

    And the backup can not put up for him,
    I try, follow all steps, but always give me the same error PH SIG ERR: 55:02:

    when the program say , that I remove the cable, the battery, to connect the batery and to connect the cable again, the PC can`t the K1 unnown, and the drivers pk2 is all right installed, because can read another telephones .

    the backup ist in this format : R4527_G_08.12.rdf

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    Download monster flash from Index of .. / .. / RockerDongle / FlashFiles / Motorola / Monster FIles / K1 /

    Connect phone , open this file in "Write package" dialog, and press "Write package" . This will repair error caused by smart clip.
    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353