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Problems with L6i

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  • Problems with L6i

    Never had one before, and I'm sure I've done nothing wrong. 1st L6i I've had to unlock (lol)

    Connected L6i, installed L6i drivers from support. Tried with all versions of ODM rocker and phone fails to go to test mode.
    If I use V1.00 I get:-
    Phone goes into testmode, then.

    Searching for mobile...OK
    Restarting mobile on COM10...OK
    Connecting to mobile on COM10...OK
    Firmware version: B2AH4120 from 21/08/2006
    Phone's IMEI: 35196401373142
    Calculating password...ERROR
    Communication is lost.
    Smartcard malfunction: 0000

    I know its not the dongle or the software at fault, but does anybody have any help for this issue

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    Are U talking about the L6Imode (mitsubishi) phone? Why did you tried with odm rocker, use imode rocker instead...


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      Hi. Thanks for the reply.
      Yes the handset is a Motorola (Mitsubishi) L6IMode.

      I tried with ODM Rocker based on the fact that the "bug fixed" release had just been released, and clearly supports this handset in the drop down menu, or maybe I am reading something wrong here.

      Lastly, the log in my first post is from Imode roker 1.00..

      Any other help?


      • #4 , no other help from me, never encountered this problem... but I only had a few (20-30) .. so I'm stuck

        I like your nick, but sadly this won't help