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tryin to get unlock code\sec code v360

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  • tryin to get unlock code\sec code v360

    tryin to get unlock n sec codes on mot info gives n/a.done master clear n reset but not succesful.only way i think can sort the prob is by readig the monster pack 4rom another v360v phone.which i cant get hold of is there nythin i can do or im i doin somthin wrong. please help
    thnk u in advance

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    you cannot read network lock code from motorola, just Unlock it. As for security reset on LTE2 platform, download a flash from support and just flash it, security code will be gone....


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      thanks huzolt,how do i reset it without loosing all the info on the phone.flashed it drm0105 n reflash files n didnt work,only worked with pds00c_lp003_drm0101 flash files


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        drm reflash not help.
        code is stored in flex.
        try put full powered phone without simcard and read info with rocker 2.15.
        if not help flash flex or full(monster)