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PROLIFIC cable? Which one can I use?

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  • PROLIFIC cable? Which one can I use?

    Which one have to be PROLIFIC, the COM cable t191 or the USB to COM coverter cable? Which one? Maybe both?

    Please answer me, cause I am ready to buy it but I have doubt about this.

    I have the address of Prolific USB to COM converter, please tell me if can work with Rocker this:

    USB to Serial - USBGear

    Of course, all this for Rocker Dongle device...

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can find Prolific with RJ45 Interface it will be better for you.. this one after u need to find com cables.. this too work i think so
    Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...