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Can rocker team add this for us.?

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  • Can rocker team add this for us.?

    Unlocking of Motorola ODM:C115,C118,C139,C140 Tracfone,Cingular and F3 new boot!


    Solution for easy unlocking of Motorola ODM phones: C115, C116, C117, C118, C119, C121, C122, C139, C140, C141 - Tracfone, Cingular and F3 with new bootloader.

    This solution is working with regular Com cable and you donít need to open housing or use any test point.

    Connect phone with cable, press 1 button and your phone will be unlocked.

    Solution is very expensive and will be sold only to several customers, please serious buyers only.

    No dealers please, no customers who "can make big money for me within 1 week" and no customers with 10-100 phones only.

    ICQ: 63857392

    So, can Legija add this metodo to unlock c1xx phone without opening phones.