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21-11-2007 SMTi Manual for online calc code from flash bin files

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  • 21-11-2007 SMTi Manual for online calc code from flash bin files


    More users ask me how using this calculation method from flash bin file .

    SHORT DESCRIPTION HERE ( RapidShare Link )

    Connect phone to box using only data cable during next steps you
    don't need to use TP adapter or dissasembly phone.
    Remember batterymust be full charhed.
    Phone must be on without sim card.
    Connect phone with software using - '' Detect Phone '' :
    Software automatically wil go to '' Calypso + ( SB ) bookmark :
    Press '' ... '' button , to find previously readed file:
    Find readed file :
    File will be loaded to buffer, press '' Read Code '':
    Software will enumerate unlock code:
    After few time software will show you unlock codes:

    Codes example :

    - L00 hex: 0x97CE2770 dec: 25468701-28
    - L40 hex: 0xD78E27B0 dec: 36164177-12

    Now disconnect phone , put in unsupported sim card. On phone LCD
    you will see message : '' SIM LOCKED ''
    Write '' L 40 ...'' code example :
    If this not work write '' L00...'' code example :

    Now your phone is unlocked. !!!

    Possible errors :
    - during code nck code readin if your phone is power supplayed from
    box, you can see this error:
    Rememeber during code readin phone must be supplayed from battery -
    never read phone supplayed from box.

    SagmasterTeam 21-11-2007

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