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please help me revive V360

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  • please help me revive V360

    dear sir here is my problem: I try to unlock a motorola v 360 boot 09.02 AER version without test point and I got sig error after software said unlock ok. I try to flash the phone but it did not powe on. I then did a test point then did a back up of boot+pds+code group. I did a pds repair and phone boot was downgraded to 08.0A with another software version. I then use smart clip and did a pds repair and then found out that it is the same just like pds was performed with rocker. I then downloaded the version from smart clip website and then flashed the phone but the result is the same (phone powers up on the keypad and then turns off). in all this I never did unlock the phone when I start using test point. neither with rocker nor with smart clip because I am afraid to damage the phone more. is there any solution to my problem. thanks

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    You must use TP to repair it, TP + Repair button 3 times, then flash with full flash from support. With Boot loader 09.02 you must use TP.



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      AER firmware is "little" problematic.
      solution for this is:
      if you get error on screen,simply reflash with AER firmware again.
      if you make some with phone(repair,e.t.c.) and phone become blank,write back bootloader,and after reflash phone.
      if you make some more and phone become inusable(can't detect by PC)e.t.c.
      use TP,write bootloader and after reflash phone.

      usualy work 100%
      and remember,flash back AER firmware,not other.
      you can also skip this firmware and use other firmware,but need make some more step.