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V3i Itunes Stuck Bootloader

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  • V3i Itunes Stuck Bootloader

    Hi. I received a v3i iTunes. The phone is un bootloader mode. I flashed it, repaired pds, repaired pds via testpoint, flashed it, etc, and always problem...

    Boot Loader
    SW Version: R47A_G_08.D8.85R

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    search here in forum,for this one exist 2 firmware version.
    may be before you,someone write other firmware or downgrade phone.


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      Its Itunes phone (0A.30). Tried to put image file from support and I get something like JUMP failed... Seems hard 2 repair


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        this can be software or hardware problem.
        phone can stay in bootloader and wersion not change if writed wrong firmware,pds damaged or have bootloader problem.
        also can do same if imei damaged.
        can be also flash IC problem.
        try reball flash IC, if software metod not help you.
        jump failed can come if you use incompatible firmware,boot not corespond e.t.c.
        full binary can be writed only with restore function.


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          Customer told me that he have the phone in that state after try to flash with personalized flash file.... I think maybe I can repair the problem flashing another bootloader... Where I can get bootloaders fro v3i...


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            not bootloader is your problem,try see what flex is in phone initial(see back phone label)
            in this way you can know exactly hardware platform.


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              Yesterday I repair one Moto Razr V3iTunes. It also always is bootloader mode.

              Boot Loader
              SW Version: R47A_G_08.D8.85R

              I tray many 1FF firmwares for this phone, but after flashing phone will stay in boot-mode. Repair PDS (R479 and R47A), full flash from another phone - don't have result.
              Only 1FF "R47A_G_08.D9.75R_Full Lang 0021.shx" return phone to live, but iTunes don't work properly. After I flash phone with that 1FF from support: R47A_G_08.D9.81R_reflash_monster_pack.rsf and BINGO! Phone work.

              May be in you phone have don't downgrade 1FF R47A..D9.75? Tray to reflash with higth flash firmware.

              @ orbita
              Where get document which included info about:
              what flex (read from back-cover sticker) conform what flash firmware and exactly hardware platform?
              I can't find this doc, can you upload it to forum or support?