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Solution for Cable of F3 100% Working

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  • Solution for Cable of F3 100% Working

    Hello, them story a little my experience to be able To unblock the F3, first them story my history.

    When Ligia sold Ultima Box I it Compra. soon it sold Rocker Dongler, but those that already we had bought Ultima Box we could Buy the “Update” and also it buys it.

    Months later the famous F3 was sold and me top with the problem that nontapeworm the cable of the F3, so she makes one, I have the Alibaba Box and series ODM I do it with this Box, I made the cable of F3 for the Alibaba Box and I do not work myself gave the following error me:

    Soon it understood that it was by the speed that does not work and in the message that Ligia gave it said that we had to use cable “PROLIFIC based interface” which I nontapeworm. so that I buy “Update” did not send but cables to me.

    Review the cable that brings completes box and was “PROLIFIC based interface” so and taken end RJ45 and e I throw the cable for F3 there and it works to me Very well.!

    The Result is this:

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    Re-experiencing this issue ..

    Now and purchased the cable Unlockcellular and runs excellent. ! 100% working.


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      thanks .