Hi to all news Rocker Users.
Rocker Dongle instalation.
First Go to Rocker Dongle Home Page.
403 Forbidden
This is Rocker Support, here download this file:"Rocker Dongle Support Access"
Install this file in computer. After we need driver to Rocker. The drivers
in the site is this:
E-Gate Smart Card WinXP Driver= This driver is for Rocker Dongle (Lick Pen Driver) If your Rocker is Dongle and you use Windows XP install this:
If You have Windows Vista and Rocker Dongle install this driver.
E-Gate Smart Card Vista Driver
If you have Rocker BOX (Box with USB A-B install this driver)
Rocker Box FTDI Driver
If your Rocker Is New Generation Card JCOP you need only this Driver.
JCOP 41 Smart Card driver.
Ok You have all drivers here. Now Install this File (Is driver to Cables)
PL2303 USB To Serial Adapter Driver.
Now Connect Rocker To USB, when drivers are installed, download this file:
Dongle Client v1.02 and do so.With Rocker connect execute this File.
You see the Status of your Rocker (if is activate etc).
See Picture in Attach.
After this Go to Start Folder Rocker Dongle-Click in Rocker Dongle Support
After Click you see one picture (Attach) Mark option:
Access 403 Forbidden support area, and click in access.
In the Site download ODM Rocker, Samsung Rocker Etc.
Download all files to one Folder, or put in the Folder creat in first instalation all Files from Rocker.You cam Put this Folder in Desktop.
After this if when you open program and appears this message:
Card not found or used by another application”, remove Rocker and put in another USB Port.If this don't work contact your Reseller.