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Important - W156i, W160, W175, W180, W230, W270, W388, W396, W450, EM325, W360 Driver

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  • Important - W156i, W160, W175, W180, W230, W270, W388, W396, W450, EM325, W360 Driver


    Here is USB Drivers installation procedure for Locosto USB based models :

    • Motorola W156
    • Motorola W160
    • Motorola W161
    • Motorola W175
    • Motorola W180
    • Motorola W181
    • Motorola W230
    • Motorola W270
    • Motorola W388
    • Motorola W396
    • Motorola W397
    • Motorola W397V
    • Motorola W450
    • Motorola W360
    • Motorola EM325
    • Motorola ZN200

    Since Motorola released support for Locosto USB models with latest driver installer, procedure has been changed:

    • Download "Motorola_Internal_Driver_Installation_3.5.0.m si" from Rocker Dongle Support
    • Remove any previous Motorola Drivers installation
    • Start "Motorola_Internal_Driver_Installation_3.5.0.m si" and install it
    • Press "Start -> Programs -> Motorola Driver Installer -> Motorola Driver Installer.exe"
    • Select "Clean and Reinstall"
    • Reboot Your PC

    At this point You can connect Your Locosto USB motorola in POWERED OFF state to Your USB PC port. Drivers should be installed automatically.

    In case You have damaged registry, You will have to do this manually :

    • Start Device Manager (Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager)
    • Connect powered OFF phone to USB PC port
    • In Device Manager, "Locosto" device will apear
    • Double click on it, select "Driver" then click "Update Driver"
    • Driver wizard will start, select "Install Driver from Specific Location"
    • Press next and point wizard to "\\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\MotPCSDrivers\Drivers"
    • Drivers installation procedure will be finished

    Important note for Smart Clip users:

    Since smart moto fuks windows registry and inf files, You'll have to run special utility before using Rocker software, in order to clean system from trash:

    • Download "Clear_SC_Driver.rar"
    • Unpack and execute it
    • Click "REMOVE"
    • Reboot system and proceede to steps for normal installation

    You can find "Clear_SC_Driver.rar" attached here.
    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353

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          Originally posted by legija View Post

          Here is USB Drivers installation procedure for Locosto USB based models :
          • Run "Motorola Driver Installer.exe" from "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\MotPCSDrivers\" dir
          • Select "Clean only" and press start, wait untill its finished then close the software,
          • Open Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Motorola Drivers
          • Open Rocker Dongle Support, and navigate to ".. / .. / RockerDongle / Drivers / W156i_W160_W175_W180_USB_Drivers / dir.
          • Download and install "Motorola.9.0.msi"
          • Restart PC
          • Connect above mentioned Motorola model with mini USB cable to pc, with battery removed
          • Insert battery, windows will detect "LOCOSTO" device and install drivers
          • Remove and insert battery again, and check in device manager for "Motorola Flash" device.
          If You have done everything as described, You will have installed drivers correctly. Take note, these models will remain in flash mode for only 5 seconds, if no comunication started, phone will go to charging mode.


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                            is not possible install drivers for w180 mobile the computer dosnt found the drivers??????


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                              como zungas pongo una firma valida ,, siempre sale ivalid file