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It Is My First Ime To Use Rocker Please Help Me

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  • It Is My First Ime To Use Rocker Please Help Me

    this is my fiest time to use Rocker dongle and first phone at hand i have motorola V3XXX Boot loader 03.08
    SW Version R26111MLD-AS-U-96.B0.0AR
    please i would like to now weather this phone is unlockable and the procedure of unlocking it

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    first always use "search" buttons and read stickys , for v3xx unlock you need ExTp (Extra Test point) schematics is availble in forum..
    after select model from list. take a look at "help" in software..

    ExTestpoint Unlock Instructions:
    1. Select your phone model in the models list;
    2. Power ON your phone or put it to Flash Mode manually;
    3. Connect ExTestpoint cable to PC;
    3. Press UNLOCK button;
    4. In ExTestpoint Wizard please select 'This is a new phone'
    5. In ExTestpoint Wizard choose UART port number to which
    the ExTestpoint is connected;
    6. Click CONTINUE. Software will start Prepare stage.
    Follow the software's pop-up instructions TO THE LETTER.
    Please note, after having done the prepare stage your phone
    won't be able to power on. But in any case, restore point is created
    for this phone, so you always can revert all changes back
    to make your phone functional again;
    7. Software will ask at the end of the prepare stage to connect the
    ExTestpoint needle to the test point pad;
    8. Disassemble your phone;
    9. Disconnect LCD display and take out the board;
    10. Use proper testpoint picture to find the position
    of the test point ball;
    11. Remove the shield carefully to get access to the flash chip.
    Please note, many phones have a compound between the main core
    and the flash chip, so you will have to remove it with a needle
    most carefully to get acess to the testpoint ball.
    12. Connect the ExTestpoint's needle to the test point ball. Hold it
    till now on to the moment software asks you to release it.
    Please note, you'll be required to hold the needle approximately
    for 10..20 seconds. So, be patient;
    13. Follow the software's pop-up instructions TO THE LETTER to
    complete the operation;
    14. Assemble your phone.
    15. Enjoy.

    P.S. In case you've failed to connect the needle correctly from the
    first time, software resumes the ExTestpoint loop all over again,
    automatically. So, just disconnect power (or cable) from your phone
    and start connecting the needle again. Just check with the software
    to find out the proper time of doing so.

    Don't do it if you don't know.. but..... Don't leave it until you know that...


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      Ohoooo it is very long way of doing it i dont now weather i can mangar but let me try is thgier ant posiblility of dead phone ?????


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        plz tell me if this boot is supported or no

        look on the screen shot. boot: 0302

        thanks for reply
        officiel reseler of gsm solution