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how to fix L6 with code corrupt

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  • how to fix L6 with code corrupt


    i recently bought my rocker dongle, however can seem to repair a L6 which says code corrupt.

    i tried clicking repair but i keep getting "unknown firmware position" then when i try fullflash it shows "critical error"

    can some one give me clear instructions on how to solve this problem.

    best regards

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    for code corupt mesage usualy not need repair.
    fullflash help you.
    download coresponding flash from support.
    don't press connect,only select flash file and press write package.
    not use rocker 2.15,use old version.
    test and post if work


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      Thank you sir,

      will do now and post results

      best regards


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        Hi Orbita, how can i differentiate between the rocker super file and the rocker PC super file? cause when i use the rocker super file i get the error invalid file package.

        right now i am downloading another monster pack file i hope its a rocker PC super file

        please advise


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          i have flashed with moto rocker V2.13 and now im getting "Mem_Map blank service required"

          is this good or bad news?


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            Its bad news -,))

            1. Open Rocker Dongle support from Moto Rocker support TAB
            2. Navigate to "/ .. / RockerDongle / FlashFiles / Motorola / Monster FIles / L6 / 0A.60.5AR / "
            3. Download flash file
            4. Open it in "Write package" box
            5. Click "Write Package"

            That should be it.
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