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Partshop Indenesia, mgall from Indonesia

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  • Partshop Indenesia, mgall from Indonesia

    Partshop Indonesia and mgall from Indonesia.

    These two scums were selling completely fake RIFF eMMC activations.

    They have registered domain name "" and using that domain name they have cheated number of users from Indonesia and nearby countries for RIFF Box eMMC activations.

    They even tried to continue this scam after several warnings from me, posted here and on other forums.

    If You were cheated by these two scumbags, best idea is to report them to police.
    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353

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    please give an explanation on the activation box riff EMMC, am I wrong? so you make the warning. I only buy and use the money to pay the activation box riff EMMC of mr.mgall. then what is the problem, that you've accused me is a fraud?. If you have a problem with mr.mgall why you brought me. I also sell a lot of riff box in Indonesia, you can ask to mr.narry true or not his

    not just me who sold, many of which sell in Indonesia, why only my name is written ????

    You have defamed me, can I sue you !!!!!


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      Hello mr. Legija

      My name is yongky and I know partshop from indonesia, he was trusted reseller and sold many box without any problem for genuie issues.

      My opinion is someone that maybe close enaugh to your team or maybe someone that know about how your activation server working make this fake server of and somehow can activated your box ?? I have no idea for that can be happen.

      One thing for sure not many people know about server panel use or Many people just know, when you lounch the activation.. the wanna to help their customer and someone offered ( i see the post form partshop that he just buy from mr.mgall )

      So people buy it
      As end user if they just wanna use it
      As reseler if they have a friends and customer to help

      I think maybe some mistake here, please contact partshop, and ask him.. maybe he just a victim, just like a chali or nadim reza that you have been posted as a cheater before.

      And hallo mr.partshop.. maybe you already pay lot of money to mr.mgall, im sorry for hear that.. but the bussines must goes on. This is why you make a decicions yesterday to refund all of money to the customer, including me, im get total refund from partshop yesterday.. Im realy appreciating that sir, Thankyou.

      For your money in mr.mgall i hope you will get it refunded.

      And for sure there is no cheater here !!! Mr. Legija please be positive, i believe mr. Partshop lost lot of money too.

      So Who is the cheater ?
      Answer : someone that can activated your box trough another server called i believe this person know about your avtivation server works, internaly. Please found him, and for a while please dont blame many people as cheater, maybe they was just a victim.

      Be positive
      Best regrads

      Yongky felaz.
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        weird.. as user and customer i had no idea whth what happened here... ???? MR Legija please give a full explanation.. and who is mr mgall ?
        Indonesia is a big country unlike other growth country in south asia like singapore, malaysia, or thailand, people here still want to repair their broken smartphone instead of buying a new sp like other growth country, your potential market is yet good here.


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          I'am just user , i can use riff box without trouble but today i hav same trouble like other , was user like me hav something wrong , we just believe our box not fake ,,, how i get any solution please !!!!! i agree with mr yongky u hav to find how make fake ur server and give us any solution ,,, be positive please ????


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            where clarification of the parties concerned,
            is increasingly unclear.
            or simply create the sensation of it.


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              i bought my riff box about 1 year ago and i have trusted resseler which i bought many box flasher from him. all box genuine and run good. now after update to riff 1.60 my box cant be used anymore. iam very dissapointed to riff


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                I want to ask you. whether brain activation riff is only valid 1 year ??
                if after one year will ask for activation back? and can not use the latest software?


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                  My ACtivation IS Expired Riff 1.56


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                    My box why dont not error comunication for server????