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ERROR: The PKG was not accepted: "Samsung_J610FN_ISP.riffpkg"

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  • ERROR: The PKG was not accepted: "Samsung_J610FN_ISP.riffpkg"

    Message - ERROR: The PKG was not accepted: "Samsung_J610FN_ISP.riffpkg" - when trying to install new PKG. Older ones are installed without problems. When it gives an error about the inability to install the PCG, a message appears !!! WARNING !!! Update JTAG Manager !!!! WARNING !!!
    Downloaded the JTAG Manager update for April 2020. Installed. It didn't help. What could be the problem?

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    Download latest beta from this folder:
    ICQ: 299-912-089
    QQ: 1634811353


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      Good night, please I have the same problem, it took days to try to get updated by the firmware update and update, and now I also get the WARNING message !!! Update JTAG Manager !!!! WARNING !!! I have already downloaded the latest version of jtag manager from Index of ../../RIFF/RIFF_ROOT/ and nothing follows the same problems and now it also stays Connecting to the Updates Server ... OK
      Downloading new Firmware from Server ... ERROR
      ERROR: Couldn't connect to the Updates Server. Try again later.
      please help.

      se queda igual.jpg

      error 2.jpg


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        Excuse me Mr. Legija, you are already connecting to the server but now it comes back again with the error of Current Firmware Version: RECOVERY (RIFFBOX1) that I have been trying to solve for several days, I solved it and it came back again.

        otro error.jpg

        then I click ok and the box appears in the recovery firmware
        recovery firmware.jpg


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          1. Download "Device cleanup tool"
          2. Disconnect box from PC
          3. Run device cleanup tool as administrator
          4. Remove all not present devices
          5. Connect box, install drivers from /Drivers/64 or 32 bit folder
          6. Click "Firmware Update"
          ICQ: 299-912-089
          QQ: 1634811353


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            good afternoon sir legija, this morning I was able to solve something similar to the instructions you sent me, but I did it differently, remove the antivirus, I went to regedit and look for the word AVG in the registry chain and delete all the AVG registries, then uninstall the jtag manager and the regedit delete all the riff box registry strings and reinstalled and downloaded the firmware update and it worked 100%, turned off my laptop and turned it on hours later and it is working, if the problem comes back I will have to format and install operating system and everything again. I will test if it is completely solved


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              gracias seņor legija, muchas gracias. por ser tan atento y generoso conmigo, muchas gracias. agradecido con usted.