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RIFF Box update: Samsung A320FL U9 ISP supported

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  • RIFF Box update: Samsung A320FL U9 ISP supported

    New file uploaded to RIFF Box support:
    Samsung A320FL U9 ISP
    Support added for following operations:
    • Repair Bootloader,
    • Factory Reset,
    • FRP Unlock.

    ISP eMMC pinout is available if required.

    Download files from Turbo Support

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    Hi,pinout ISP its wrong, pin 2,8V in picture is GND ,where is 2,8V? thanks


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      Originally posted by firulilla View Post
      Hi,pinout ISP its wrong, pin 2,8V in picture is GND ,where is 2,8V? thanks

      Have you already checked on the other side of the capacitor?.


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        yes,not is line of 2,8V,Neither z3x nor ufibox has the 2.8V drawing, I already left it and assembled the phone, I just need to get the customer's data, if I don't get another method I'll return it, they told me that for recovery but I don't know how to do it, they charge 100 euros and the client does not pay that, thank you,,sorry english


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          Hello, with the phone on (powered), you can test voltages ... Or you can extract emmc and read it directly, and if you want, find the pinout for all.

          Is strange, 403 Forbidden


          PS: the data is not encrypted?.
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            Hi, the client is not going to pay emmc extraction and it is next to the CPU and I do not want to risk because I have to hand over the phone that he turns on and he is not going to pay me the extraction, he wants to pay only 30 dollars, I already set up the phone and I was only looking for software, maybe TWRP because it is FRP off but it can brick, it does not have usb debugging activated, so if it is not something safe I will not do it because I have to return the phone like this, a developer does it but charges 100 dollars
            I don't know if it's encrypted, how do I know?
            PS :refer to link its means you can connect to the emmc without soldering the vcc and vccq, just use the usb for power supply of the emmc

            It didn't work for me, I tried the ufibox and the easyjtag and medusa ,, and I'm tired of so much testing ,, ja ja

            thanks mtk6572s4clone your answer,only foward method without hardware,, regards