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locked SE lt26i data recovery ?

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  • locked SE lt26i data recovery ?

    hi .
    is it possible to extract data from an old SE lt26i with pattern lock ?
    wich i want to recover some pictures from it.
    i managed to establish connection with the emmc but i dont know what to do next ? , i need simple and clear instructions how to proceed (im new to all this emmc stuff).
    thanx for assistance .

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    Start emmc/ufs partition manager, click parse connected memory, then switch on contents explorer, navigate to userdata . . . Rest should be self explanatory.
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      Access to the internal memory of the Android device is difficult.When you connect Android to your computer, the system opens it via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). The files in the phone's memory are mounted as a separate disk, so it is difficult for the data recovery tool to bypass it. Suppose your data is on the SD card, and you reset the device to factory settings. Data recovery is almost guaranteed since the recovery program can easily access them and scan lost files. If the situation has any complications, it is better to contact raid recovery for data recovery.
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        Hey there, guys. I know this thread is old, but I hope there's still someone who can help me. In short, I've lost about 70% of the data on my Android phone. I think it may be a virus. Is there any chance of recovering this data, and how can I avoid such a failure?


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          Hey there. I'm new here, but I think I can help you. Losing data is a real pain in the butt. There are a ton of data recovery services out there that can help you retrieve your lost files. I heard good things about Dr.Fone app. Our company works with these guysManaged IT Services | NW IT Services . They manage all of our data and stuff. But you can start by using the app I shared before. Hope this helps, man. LMK how it goes.