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Xiaomi Mi Play isp connect error

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  • Xiaomi Mi Play isp connect error

    Open serial port...OK
    Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK
    Firmware Version: 1.54 (RIFFBOX1), JTAG Manager Version: 1.89
    Selected Package: [Xiaomi Mi Play Lotus V1.05 by <legija>, <RJ-45>, 1 Bit Bus Width (DAT0)]

    Connecting to the SD/eMMC Card...ERROR
    Set I/O Voltage reads as 1.99V, SD_CLK Frequency is 960 KHz

    Connecting to the SD/eMMC Card Failed (ERR[0077], POS[0033])

    What could be the problem? What does this error mean?

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    The situation has changed. I found on one of the forums that the USB power should be supplied not from the computer but from the charger. Tried this way now issues a message:

    Open serial port...OK
    Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK
    Firmware Version: 1.54 (RIFFBOX1), JTAG Manager Version: 1.89
    Selected Package: [Xiaomi Mi Play Lotus V1.05 by <legija>, <RJ-45>, 1 Bit Bus Width (DAT0)]

    Connecting to the SD/eMMC Card...
    ERROR: Set I/O Voltage to 2.00V failed. Real reading is 3.65V

    But in the program you can raise the voltage to a maximum of 3.3. It turns out that you need to increase the voltage from an external source?


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      You have problem there. Box measures vccq level and if it says level is 3.6v that means you have some alien power source connected to vccq line.

      To connect ISP do this:

      1. Add pull up resistors (100 ohm) from point B on v1 box board to dat0, cmd and clk pins.
      2. Connect DAT0, CMD, CLK GND to phone board and usb cable from same PC where box is connected
      3. Click "Check"

      This MUST work if everything is connected properly. Note that one some boards (MTK mostly) value of pull up resistor on CLK line could be as low as 39 ohms .
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        The following walkthroughs consist of standard procedures or generic solutions to wireless connectivity problems on Xiaomi Mi 6. Be sure to test your Wi-Fi internet after performing each solution so that you’ll know if the problem is fixed or not. If the first method doesn’t work, then try the next applicable solution.

        First solution: Reboot your Xiaomi Mi 6 (soft reset).
        A simple reboot on the phone can do a lot of wonders especially when dealing with minor issues and random errors. Sometimes, a single restart may not be enough for the glitch to be rectified so give it up to three times then see if that fixes the problem. Here’s how to reboot or perform a soft reset on your Xiaomi Mi 6:

        Press and hold the Power button on the right side of the phone.
        Select Power off from the menu options.
        Then tap OK.
        After about 30 seconds, press and hold down the Power button again until the phone boots up.
        A soft reset will not affect any of your phone data so it’s safe.

        In the case where your Xiaomi Mi 6 is not responding to touches due to Wi-Fi errors, you can do a forced restart instead. Similar to a soft reset, a hard reset will not affect your data if performed correctly. So here’s how a forced restart is done on your Xiaomi Mi 6:

        Press and hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time for about 3 to 5 seconds until your phone reboots.
        Wait until the phone completely boots up then try to connect to Wi-Fi afterwards.

        Second solution: Turn Wi-Fi off and then back on.
        If Wi-Fi is still not working on your Xiaomi Mi 6 after a soft reset or forced restart, try to turn Wi-Fi off for a few seconds and then turn back on. This workaround has done wonders to many people who have dealt with minor connectivity issues with Wi-Fi so you might as well consider taking your chances with this simple yet helpful trick. Here’s how to disable/enable Wi-Fi on your Xiaomi Mi 6:

        Open the Notification Panel at the top of the screen.
        Tap the Wi-Fi shortcut icon to disable Wi-Fi.
        After a few seconds, tap the Wi-Fi icon to enable Wi-Fi again.
        Try to perform a test browse on your phone then see if you can now access the Internet.

        Third solution: Forget your wireless network.
        Removing or forgetting a wireless network can help rectify any glitches like when your wireless network gets corrupted and suddenly stops working and prompting errors. Forgetting a network will remove the network’s password and prevent your phone from joining it automatically in the future. It’s like connecting to the wireless network on your Xiaomi Mi 6 for the first time.

        To forget or remove a Wi-Fi network from your Xiaomi Mi 6 phone, follow these steps:

        Tap Settings.
        Tap Quick Settings or WLAN. Menu options may vary depending on the software version.
        Tap Wi-Fi.
        Tap the Arrow Right icon next to the Wi-Fi network that you’re currently connected to.
        Then tap the option to Forget network.
        If prompted, tap OK to confirm action.
        Restart your phone then connect to your Wi-Fi network again with these steps:

        Open the Notification Panel at the top of the screen.
        Long tap the Wi-Fi shortcut icon.
        Tap the wireless network or Wi-Fi network ID that you want to connect.
        Enter the password if prompted.
        Tap Connect.
        If the password is correct, the Network ID status will show Connected.

        Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings-> Quick Settings-> Wi-Fi-> then tap to select the wireless network that you want to connect to.

        Wait until you’re connected then try to test browse to see if you are now able to browse the Internet through Wi-Fi.
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