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RIFF Box v1 Logic Level tranlator/ISP Adapter project files and schematics

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    Originally posted by Legija View Post
    This applies to RIFF Box v1 (Black box) users who can build proper adapter and use it without headaches.

    This contains:
    - RIFF Box adapter schematics
    - Adapter project files (gerber)
    - Bom
    - Renders

    RJ45, MicroUSB and USB B connectors are optional, as long as there is RJ45 cable connected (soldered or via connector) and 5V stable power.

    R6 value set on schematics is provisional, in most cases pull up is not required, so to enable it short J1 pins. On some MTK/SPD models R6 value should be 100 ohms, while on most qualcomm 470 ohms is enough.

    Why V1 box users need it and what difference it makes ?

    RIFF Box v1 RJ45 port is routed directly to box cpu. CPU logic is at 3.3v thus this adapter provides logic levels translation because most phones work at 1.8v logic. Without logic levels translation errors can cause unstable connection because box cannot properly recognize 1s from 0s due to level differences.
    Please reupload file.thanks