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Probing Not Work......

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  • Probing Not Work......

    Legija Sir Why Probing not work rightly ?
    I try many time to detect JTAG pinout But Result same.

    How to work Probing with Riff Box 2?
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    Unfortunatly Mr Legija is busy

    Unfortunatly Mr Legija is busy and dont want to keep customers with him...
    I also have business and many things "on head" but have to speak with people every day does not matter if want or not.... obviously is a nature of business !

    Probing issue is promised to fix with beginning of 2016... to be honest if that is how Legija provide support We will got updates for current models after 2 years from now

    Beginning of Riff was amazed lot of money made with Riff V1.... now if not counting few repairs for my self .... the profit not cover price of box in my case...